BDG Undulate roller feeder

Raw Materials: All kinds of sand or stone
Capacity: 150-900t/h
Max feeding size: 700mm
Application: heavy duty crushing equipment continuous feeding
BDG Undulate roller feeder

BDG Undulate roller feeder

Overview - Undulate roller feeder:

In different kinds of feeding machine, roller feeder is a kind of equipment, not only can feeding materials, also can provide screen function, it is a complex equipment. Also the roller feeder is specially designed for heavy crusher continuous feeding, after screening mud to reduce the burden of the crusher, avoids crusher blockage, improves the production efficiency, reduce the energy consumption. 
undulate roller feeder

BDG Undulate roller feeder features:

1. Front-loading screening, the Undulate roller feeder can screen the fine materials in the raw materials, which meets the requirement firstly. So the process can not only improve the production capacity of crushing system, also reduce the crusher wear.
2. Roller conveyor, the roller rotation, which will hold on the ore from one end to the other side, because each roll with a convex and the gap between adjacent roll forming, it can make the broken material leakage.
3. This roller feeder is suitable for mud material feeding and screening homework beforehand, mesh is not easy to be sticky wet, jam, it can automatically according to the load of crusher of quantificationally, then can give full play to the efficiency of the crusher.

Undulate roller feeder application:

DSMAC BDG roller feeder application is suitable for mud material feeding and preliminary screening operation, especially suitable for silicon aluminum ore crushing, it is a widely used in mining, smelting, open-pit coal mine in areas such as feeding screening equipment. DSMAC roller feeder type mainly has: BDG1252, BDG1552, BDG1852, transmission capacity is between 150-700 t/h. 




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