Brief Introduction of Tracked Mobile Crushing Station with Oil Electric Dual-use

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Feb 21.2024   Views: 264


Tracked Mobile Crushing Station


Tracked MOBILE CRUSHING STATION WITH OIL ELECTRIC DUAL-USE, the third generation of improved equipments by DSMAC, marks that the recycling of construction waste has risen a new stage. In addition, the mobile crushing station with oil electric dual-use can be flexibly switched, which controls the dust and suppress dust pollution from the source; its steel cutting device can avoid crusher blockage. What is more, the mobile crushing station with oil electric dual-use has other advantages such as the intelligent systems, high yield, low energy consumption and other significant advantages, highly praised by domestic customers.

TAF series tracked mobile crushing station with oil electric dual-use consists of the following parts:

1, Feeding unit: continuous, stable feeding to ensure smooth operation of the production line;

2, Pre-screening unit: to screen out the soil material and over-fine materials in advance to reduce the ineffective throughput of crushing machine and follow-up screening unit’s workload;

3, Crushing unit: unique crusher cavity design to adjust working parameters with full hydraulic according to product demand;

4, Hydraulic opening device: hydraulic opening function facilitates daily maintenance, reducing maintenance time and labor intensity;

5, Drive unit: drive system can easily achieve switching between oil and electricity, suitable for different on-site environmental conditions to achieve low cost;

6, Permanent magnetic separator: effectively sort out the rebar, iron ore, slag and other metals mixed in the material;

7, Self-walking track unit: 500mm self-walking track can be remotely controlled to walk at the site.

Mobile crushing station with oil electric dual-use is the best choice for construction waste recycling. As we all know, the construction waste is considered to be the "gold mine" home and abroad. With our mobile crushing station with oil electric dual-use, you can turn waste into treasure. Today, there are more and more countries paying attention to this field, achieving the economic benefits from construction waste. Welcome old and new customers to inquiry.


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