Impact crusher can meet the infrastructure project demand

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Sep 26.2014   Views: 264


As we all known, sand aggregate is the main material for the large scaled engineering and important program. With the rapid development of national economy, railway, road, bridge, and hydropower station and a large number of projects and infrastructure is on full flourishing. They need a large amount of qualified sand aggregate to meet the construction demand.
impact crusher
With the release of new operation indicators, it has higher requirement on the grain and grading of concrete and gravel aggregate. This needs the supporting of sand aggregate equipment with high technology and better effect.
DSMAC is the largest crusher machine produce base. To meet the development demand, DSMAC has researched a series of crusher machine with the advantages of high efficiency, high yield, environment protection and low energy consumption. We have not only improved the production ability and crushing efficiency, but also expanded its application scope. From the stone material production and various mineral ore crushing, crusher machine shows its unparalleled crushing performance in the medium crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing process.
According to the raw material characteristic of sand and gravel aggregate and the production requirement of processing technology, the produced impact crusher becomes the necessary equipment in mining industry. The particle size of final product is better than the similar cone crusher and hammer crusher. This machine becomes the necessary equipment for the large scale infrastructure construction engineering.


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