Introduction to the new function of DSMAC cone crusher

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Sep 05.2014   Views: 264


With the rapid scientific development, hydraulic cone crusher needs the constantly updated to ensure the smooth development. What is the developing direction of hydraulic cone crusher?
cone crusher
1. The crushing chamber of hydraulic cone crusher needs special design. It uses the laminated principle between particles size and coordinates the corresponding rotational speed. This design can increase the crushing ratio and the yield and the content of cubic shape product.
2. When assembling the hydraulic cone crusher, it should equip with the three kinds of hydraulic insurance device, namely insurance oil cylinder, lock cylinder and hydraulic drive oil cylinder. This assembly has the insurance effect. To the fault treatment, it can realize the whole machine maintenance.
3. The cone concave of hydraulic cone crusher is made of high manganese steel. The special change of crushing chamber and laminating crushing material protection layer can greatly reduce the abrasion of this machine and greatly prolong the service life.
4. New kind of hydraulic cone crusher provides easier operation to the customer. The discharging port is adjustable according to the actual need.
With the continuous development of hydraulic cone crusher, we will service the customer with good service and bring bigger economic effect to the customer. As the leader enterprise of mining machinery industry, DSMAC will develop the hydraulic cone crusher to be the ideal crushing equipment.


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