Four superior advantages about DSMAC jaw crusher

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Aug 15.2014   Views: 264


Crusher machine is the basic equipment in the mining machinery industry. It is the hot sale and widely used machine in the domestic market. Jaw crusher is the most commonly used machine in the mining machinery market. Today, we will introduce the four superior advantages about the DSMAC jaw crusher:
jaw crusher
First, compared with other crusher equipment, the performance of jaw crusher is more stable. The strong frame of jaw crusher ensures its normal operation under the high strength. The durability and reliability of movable jaw, jaw plate, heave eccentric shaft and the large bearing are out of the ordinary.
Second, the feeding port adjustment of jaw crusher has a certain advantage. The feeding port adjustment can be finished through the mechanical force. The whole operation is simple and easy. The new design of jaw crusher is easier for the installation process. Due to its compact design structure, the crushing speed is faster and the crushing efficiency is higher.
Third, the outstanding advantage of jaw crusher is its big crushing ratio. Jaw crusher has low requirement on the feeding size, which the crushing efficiency of jaw crusher has been greatly improved. 
Four, the balance design of jaw crusher has reduced the stress of the v belt and support device. Compared with other kind of crusher machines, the crushing ratio of this machine is bigger. Jaw crusher can crush many kinds of hard rock, such as pebble and various ore stone.


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