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2016 The third session of the construction waste recycling experience exchange conference was solemnly opened yesterday

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Nov 30,2016   Views: 

  Around the "new technology, new products, new equipment on-site to observe the" 2016 The third session of the national construction waste resource exchange experience on November 27 in Zhengzhou was solemnly opened yesterday. The meeting was organized by the China Environmental Protection Association, China Environmental News, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Enterprise Group, the National Solid Waste Recycling Industry Alliance, Beijing Bessel Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd., Fujian Quanchong Co., Ltd. , Bo Mei Di Kang Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. co-organized by the industry both inside and outside the country and is about to put into construction waste resource solutions for the practical application of enterprises and units of concern.


  China Association of sand and gravel Association Secretary-General Sun Weixing, the Secretary-General of the China Association of Environmental Protection Consultant Gu Mao-kuan, Henan University Professor Cai Jiwei, Shanghai Municipal Design Institute Director Yu Yi, the State Solid Waste Center Director Sun Weiyuan, Henan Fujian Provincial Transportation Research Institute Professor Song Yunxiang, Fu Quanbing, chairman of Fujian Quan Gong shares, Shanghai Bo Mei Dickang Deputy General Manager Shangpei and Zhengzhou Dingsheng Group Chairman Lu Hongbo and China Construction, China Railway Construction, China Power Construction, the energy, CITIC 500 The experts from the field of solid waste, entrepreneurs and people interested in the development of the environmental protection industry gathered in the third gathering of the national construction waste resource exchange experience, conspiracy to promote the exchange of urban solid waste industry and development.


  Mr. Lu Hongbo, Chairman of the Zhengzhou Dingsheng Enterprise Group, expressed his thanks for the arrival of the distinguished guests. After that, he said that the "China Construction Waste Recycling Experience Exchange Meeting" has been held for three times so far. Industry first event. Let us in the next two days of the official session, learn from each other, frank exchange and seriously learn from the common improvement, for the development of their enterprises, construction waste for the progress of China, for a better tomorrow and work together endeavor.


  2016 of the third national construction waste recycling experience exchanges will end successfully I believe we have a further in-depth thinking about the disposal of construction waste, the harvest of new perspective and technology, let us look forward to the next session of the meeting.