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Seven Steps of Jaw Crusher's Selection

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 12,2016   Views:  Mining machinery industry, the most frequently used crusher equipment, crusher selection of many factors to consider, such as materials, production equipment quality, price and so on. Today DSMAC machine will introduce some of our ideas in the jaw crusher selection, the following factors should be considered.

1, The Material
Feed size generally less than jaw crusher discharge opening size of the material content of the material must not exceed 10% of the volume of material cannot be greater than the maximum feed size jaw crusher.
2, The Production Capacity
Jaw crusher capacity depends on size and type, speed, angle of meshing, the spindle and the eccentric amount of the inlet, nesting size are key determinants of production capacity, the inlet length is the length of the jaw, generally jaw crusher machine discharging small particle size, production capacity is also small, nesting large size, production capacity is also large.

jaw crusher in the plant
PE Jaw Crusher

3, The Quality of Jaw Crusher
Mainly refers to the quality of jaw crusher wear parts, such as the jaw, liner, tooth plate and other parts of these components in the production of easy to wear, need frequent replacement, so when the selection cannot be ignored.

4, Production Energy Consumption
Energy consumption determines the future operating costs of equipment, mainly the consumption of materials and power consumption. Crusher liner length and power consumption is proportional to the size, power consumption, the higher the longer the lining, the higher the price. Under normal circumstances, low hardness material selection long liner, high hardness materials choose a short liner; small particle size materials choose a short liner, size large long liner material selection.
jaw crusher in use
jaw crusher used in Russia
5, The Necessary Equipment
Jaw crusher is best fitted with iron removal equipment, even large iron products frequently appear in the bunker, also can avoid the phenomenon of broken shaft.

 6, Environmental Protection Policy
Crusher work environment is relatively poor, it will produce dust and noise, thus crushing confidential in line with our standards on industrial production, while reducing pollution, while avoiding rectification.
jaw crusher parts ---- jaw plate
jaw crusher parts ---- jaw plate

7, Prices and Operating Costs
Price is the most important; it will be the most important factor in the choice of the jaw crusher should have a positive attitude towards the price, not lower the better, not better, but the most appropriate cost-effective best.
Selection of jaw crusher is a science, if you still have no idea, it is recommended to seek the help of the manufacturers. Through field visits, all models produced by DSMAC jaw crusher has stable performance, reliable quality advantages, you are welcome to come to buy.