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Impact Crusher Problems and Solutions

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 03,2016   Views:  There is no perfect crushing equipment, even impact crusher is such a popular device, there are still many problems after using a long time, let's solve them one by one.

1, Fever and Even Burned Bearings
Impact Crusher rotor rotating at high speed when crusher works, the rotor production process due to the current multi-cast molding process is not fine in many places, causing irregular in some places the rotor unbalance, rotation speed to 760r / min, the machine is easy partial summarized produce, resulting in increased friction bearings, bearing a large amount of heat to heat, if the temperature is too large will burn bearing; on the other hand because of the filling hole crusher hammer in the side panel, and bearing away hammer injection hole inner wall some distance, sometimes even into the plate hammer into a lot of lubricant, but still cannot get lubricated bearings when the bearing will cause serious wear and tear.

impact crushers
impact crusher
Solution: Bearing fever for two reasons, there are two solutions for rotor imbalance, attention to quality workmanship and production equipment components when one requires the user to buy the crusher, one even replace standard rotor; lubrication is not in place for the user's attention to the need lubrication equipment, periodically check the grease has been reduced to 50% below the bearing volume, regular replacement of grease, bearing regular cleaning. If the bearing heat problem is not resolved, there may have been damage to the bearing, must be promptly replaced.

2, Impact Blow Bars Damage
Many people think that the biggest problem is easy to wear the impact blow bars, in fact the most severe damage in the form of loose and broken, in the event both cases range from broken bolts and other board blow bar, damage to the rotor and counter-attack planes, while in interrupted rotor body shaft, tearing the rotor body. Hammer breaking hammer mainly on strong impact because the bulk material into the crusher, the hammer and the plate is made of high manganese steel casting molding, and a rotor structure is not completely fit, being unable to resist the force of the impact on broken or loose occur.
impact crusher blow bars
Impact Crusher Parts---impact blow bars

Solution: The fundamental problem is that the impact blow bars substandard quality, it is recommended to re-create the mold bolt, the bolt head oval better contact with the blow bars screw contact surface, the thickness of the thread bolt controlled dimensional tolerances within to prevent stress concentration and fracture; addition, it must be clear when the mounting plate hammer bolt holes and slots and sand burrs, so that the connection is fully fit plain; when used to pay attention to check the bolts fastening, fastening mattered not found solid and then the nut threaded spot welding.