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How much is the sand maker machine?

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Apr 07,2017   Views:      Sand machine, also known as sand making machine, sand machine, is the machine production line in the indispensable equipment. The model of the sand machine can be divided into impact sand machine and rotor centrifugal sand machine. Among them, the rotor centrifugal sand machine is imported from Germany. The production capacity and cost are far higher than the impact type Sand machine.
    So, how much money of the rotor centrifugal sand machine? As the saying goes, a sub-price goods. Compared to the traditional impact of the sand machine, the German original rotor centrifugal sand machine feed size larger than 1 times the production capacity of more than 1 times, wearing parts less than 1 times the wear and tear, the production cost reduced by 1 times the above. Sand machine prices naturally higher than the impact of sand machine.

    In addition, the German original rotor centrifugal sand machine is a dual-cavity rotor patented technology, wear mainly concentrated in the export part of the relative three-chamber crushing, five cavity broken equipment, two cavity crushing with the advantages of less part of the material wear. And the two-cavity crushing to feed the larger particle size than the three-chamber broken feed particle size increased by 50%.
    In fact, the savvy owners understand that the sand machine is the most critical level of sand, the feed size to improve the size of 1 times that can enter into the material, you can save the broken equipment, without the need for multi-level broken, and Sanding up to 60%, and to ensure that the output of the same grain size, in saving energy and investment has obvious advantages.

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