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Tracked Moving Crushing Station Create New Era of Mining Field

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Feb 02,2018   Views: 

Tracked Moving Crushing Station

There is no doubt that, in the last 2017, the TRACKED MOVING CRUSHING STATION is the most welcomed equipment of mining field. It wins good reputation from home and abroad because of its remarkable advantages such as high mobility, high efficiency, low energy consumption and so on.

The tracked moving crushing station is improved from stationary stone crusher, which is suitable for today’s mining market demand. With the economy development, the quarries found by investors are more and more remote and out-of-the-way. What’s more, the distance between each other maybe is extremely far. Therefore the investors need a machine like tracked moving crushing station, to solve the issue. The tracked moving crushing station can not only transfer the working places easily, also has high security so that it can be drove on rugged ground surface.

In addition, the tracked moving crushing station is equipped with the engine which has oil and electricity dual use. For some regions where the electricity power is lack, the tracked moving crushing station is the best choice. The two driving models can be switched simply. No matter which model the tracked moving crushing station is under, its working performance and efficiency will be the same as before.

Last but not least, the tracked moving crushing station can be remotely controlled. This feature is total different from other mobile mining equipment. So it means the labor force can be liberated from working site. This is a huge progress of safety.

In conclusion, the tracked moving crushing station brings new era of mining field, providing better choice for investors. The new generation is just put into market a few days before. Compared with old types, the capacity is enlarged. We are always here for clients’ inquiry!