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What Is Specialty of Coal Breaking Ring Hammer Crusher Hammerhead?

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Nov 28,2017   Views: 

ring hammer crusher hammerhead

RING HAMMER CRUSHER HAMMERHEAD is a ring type hammerhead with special design, used exclusively for impacting rotor type crusher. Because the ring hammer crusher hammerhead combines the advantages of ordinary hammerhead and crushing system of impact crusher, suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle materials, such as coal gangue, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, loose limestone, etc., it is currently widely used in the coal crushing industry.

During the operation of the crusher, the material enters the machine cavity from the upper inlet and then is crushed under the striking, impacting, shearing and grinding action by the high-speed ring hammer crusher hammerhead. Therefore, the ring hammer crusher hammerhead is the core spare part which decides the breaking effect. Regularly checking the wear degree of ring hammer crusher hammerhead and timely replacing the worn hammerhead are very important and necessary.

While on the current market, ring hammer crusher hammerhead is mostly forged hammers, not wear-resistant, and frequently needing to be replaced, which seriously affects the production efficiency of ring-hammer crusher, for which DSMAC Group has developed a new ring hammer crusher hammerhead aiming at the characteristics of coal crushing.

Take model PH1010 ring hammer crusher hammerhead as an example. Each ring hammer crusher of this model has 30 hammerheads, while the ordinary hammerheads on the market can commonly used for only 3-5 days. DSMAC Group manufactured high-chromium composite ring hammer crusher hammerhead’s service life is 4-5 times that of forged hammer, further reducing production costs, making the benefits of coal manufacturers maximized.

In addition, our company always accept various types of ring hammer crusher hammerhead customization business. As long as there are drawings or samples, we can process in accordance with customer requirements. What’s more, we will give customers some guidance and improve hammerhead component according to the characteristics of the customer’s materials. Look forward to cooperating with you!