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The Development Prospect of PYS Series Mobile Cone Crusher

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Sep 22,2017   Views: 

PYS series mobile cone crusher

PYS SERIES MOBILE CONE CRUSHER is a high efficiency cone crusher developed on the basis of DSMAC Group’s years of practice experience after introducing the United States Simmons cone crusher’s advanced technology. PYS series mobile cone crusher is the main equipment for medium and fine crushing operations of ore with different hardness, especially for iron ore, quartz stone and so on.

Iron ore is an important raw material for producing steel. Natural ore (iron ore) has a higher hardness, hard to be broken, which results in large costs and resource consumption in crushing and grinding operations. To a large extent, the crushing equipment’s selection, operation and management determines the manufacturer's economic benefits.

PYS series mobile cone crusher not only can improve the efficiency of iron ore crushing and production capacity, but also expand the application scope; it has shown unparalleled crushing performance in all kinds of medium, fine and superfine breaking and crushing. PYS series mobile cone crusher is undoubtedly the best crusher for crushing iron ore.

PYS series mobile cone crusher is better than ordinary spring-type cone crusher in the aspects of production capacity, product size, product shape, equipment weight, maintenance and operation and so on. The cavity type of PYS series mobile cone crusher is divided into three types: standard, medium and short head. The choice of cavity type is determined by the ore crushing degree: standard type for medium crushing, medium type for fine crushing, short head type for superfine crushing.

At present, PYS series mobile cone crusher has been widely used in metal and nonmetallic ore, cement, sand metallurgy and other industries, for crushing all kinds of ore and rock, such as iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite , sandstone, pebbles and so on. With reliable quality and after-sales service, PYS series mobile cone crusher has successfully occupied the international market, exported to Europe, North America, Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia more than 50 countries and regions.