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Solution to Wear of Impact Crusher Plate Hammer

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Nov 10,2017   Views: 

Impact Crusher Plate Hammer

As the core wearing parts, IMPACT CRUSHER PLATE HAMMER is most vulnerable to serious wear and tear during the use of machine, which indirectly reduces the service life and work efficiency of the impact crusher.

In general, the service life of impact crusher plate hammer is short. Commonly there are two reasons for short service life of impact crusher plate hammer. First, improper selection of materials. Impact crusher plate hammer is often made of high manganese steel which is characterized by a certain degree of hardness and wear resistance. However, in actual application, the wear resistance of high manganese steel cannot be fully made use. Secondly, the improper structure choice of the plate hammer. There exists many types of Impact crusher plate hammer structure. With the same material, that of large effective wear and the multi surfaces will have a long natural life.

Therefore, to improve the service life of impact crusher plate hammer, try to find solution through choosing the scientific materials and optimizing the plate hammer structure. Plate hammer should choose better wear-resistant materials, such as high-chromium cast iron and low carbon alloy steel. High chromium cast iron is a kind of material with excellent wear resistance. Low-carbon alloy steel has high hardness and good toughness. When under the same conditions, its service life is at least 1 times higher than the high manganese steel material. For impact crusher plate hammer structure selection, if the process conditions allowing, you can choose wide face, double-headed double-sided working structure, which can greatly enhance the service life of plate hammer.

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