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Why Is the DPC Series Single-Stage Hammer Crusher Favored by Customers?

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Oct 09,2017   Views: 

single-stage hammer crusher

During the Chinese National Day in last week, the DPC SERIES SINGLE-STAGE HAMMER CRUSHER order of domestic customer by DSMAC Group is firstly completed in the fourth quarter, and it has been successful installed and tested. According to this year's business transactions, we found that most large and medium enterprises prefer to DPC series single-stage hammer crusher when choosing the machine for stone processing. Why is the DPC series single-stage hammer crusher so popular? Here to give you a detailed description of its basic information and production advantages.

DPC series single-stage hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various brittle ores whose compressive strength is less than 150MPa, such as limestone, shale, gypsum, coal, muddy siltstone and limestone and clay mixture. In 2008, DSMAC Group successfully developed and manufactured a much large DPC series single-stage hammer crusher 2DPC2325, which sets a new record of this machine in the production, product size, rotor specifications and the number of hammer and so on.

Compared with the traditional multi-stage hammer crusher, DPC series single-stage hammer crusher needs just one stage crushing, to make the original stone transported from the quarry into the broken ones smaller than 25mm size which can be directly send to the next process. This new design reduces both the customers investment and operating costs. For the whole stone crushing production line, as long as the physical properties of broken ore is suitable, using this type DPC series hammer crusher is more economical, because of its low investment, management and operation cost, easy maintenance, and the ability of reducing labor intensity.

At present, our company is continuing to research and develop the new technology, hoping to achieve a higher level of DPC series single-stage hammer crusher technology once again. Maintaining the technical leadership in the industry, reducing investment for customers, to achieve a win-win corporation is our goal to strive for. We’ll delighted to accept new and old customers’ opinion and advice for improvement!