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The disintegration technology of cement mine emission reduction - mobile crushing station

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Jun 16,2017   Views:       For the mining industry, with the expansion of the scale of open pit mining, the traditional mining process requires a lot of large excavators and transport vehicles, making the production is very complicated, overwhelmed. The use of mobile crushing continuous mining technology applications, to avoid the complex work site, and achieved significant energy efficiency and economic benefits.

     Take the cement for example, the main raw material of cement for the limestone, the vast majority of hard rock and semi-hard rock, it is difficult to use the bucket shovel directly dug, according to their own characteristics of the production process. The use of mobile crushing station in the cement plant limestone mine, can be broken into large pieces of ore crushed stone and then conveyor belt conveyor, you can save the car transport, which greatly saves manpower and fuel, reduce ore production costs.

     What is a mobile crushing station? In addition to crusher, but also with the feed device and supporting facilities of a crushing machine. Mine crushing equipment company Zhengzhou Dingsheng research and development of the mobile crushing station, according to the different mobile functions can be divided into full mobile, semi-mobile and removable, three kinds of crushing stations use different conditions, need to consider from a number of aspects before they can be selected.

     Therefore, in the choice of cement crushing equipment, according to the characteristics of cement limestone mine, select a reasonable and advanced mobile crushing station. After the crushing of the ore belt conveyor to the mining field to the factory is also full use of energy-saving energy-saving production process, and broken stations do not have to move, more simple, is now widely used in a number of domestic cement plant, welcome to inquire DSMAC. Email:info@dscrusher.com