Artificial sand equipment opens the new era of artificial sand making

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Aug 04.2014   Views: 264


With the advantages of strong and fine, natural sand is widely used in the construction industry. Compared with the artificial sand, it has only fly in the ointment. Natural sand is non-renewable resources. The infrastructure construction is in full swing in our country and the demand on natural sand is also increasing. With the influence of other factors, the sale price of natural sand is also raising.
artificial sand equipment
Due to the limited amount of natural sand, we should fine a new material to replace the natural sand. As a matter of fact, artificial sand is the ideal material to replace the natural sand, which can both meet the construction quality requirements and efficiently control the production cost. Artificial sand is produced by the artificial sand production system. The particle size of final product is less than 4.75mm. As a new kind of construction sand, the national standard GB/T 1488 <building sand> has determined the definition of artificial sand system, technical requirements and test methods. Therefore, artificial sand production line is the development need in the future. As the important construction sand resources, artificial sand shares the building materials market.
Appling the artificial sand into engineering construction has the significant economic benefit and feasibility. It can greatly release the shortage of natural sand and reduce the construction costs. At present many areas have promulgated and implemented the using technical standards of artificial sand, which provides the strong guarantee and support for the construction engineering.


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