Check the main parts of cone crusher before the start

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Jul 29.2014   Views: 264


From the current developing condition, cone crusher can basically meet the customer demand. To get the better crushing effect, DSMAC has improved the traditional cone crusher. From the power of cone crusher, we have researched the hydraulic cone crusher. The hydraulic cone crusher plays the virtual role to the development of domestic mining industry. Before the start process of cone crusher, there are many problems that we should pay more and more attention to ensure the normal use of this machine. The specific operations are as followings:
cone crusher
1. The first thing that we should take into consideration is that the hydraulic parts of cone crusher. The hydraulic parts can ensure the hydraulic oil quality during the use process. The enough preparation ensures the stability of equipment operation.
2. Before the start of cone crusher, we also should check the power source and the tension condition of small parts.
3. When the cone crusher is starting, we can check this machine according to the noise. If the start noise is unmoral, we should shut down the machine and check it. All those measures are available to check the normal condition of cone crusher.
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