Introduce the working principle of PF impact crusher

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Jul 29.2014   Views: 264


PF impact crusher has the features of big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and easy maintenance. This machine can handle the raw material whose particle size is less than 500mm and the compression strength is less than 360 Mpa. PF impact crusher crushes the raw material by the collision between high speed rotor and the raw materials. Then we will introduce the working principle of PF impact crusher.
pf impact crusher
PF impact crusher uses the impact force to crush the raw material. Driven by the electric motor, the rotor with broad hammer does high speed rotation. When raw material enters into the function area of broad hammer, it will be crushed by the broad hammer on the rotor. Then the raw material will be thrown to the impact device for further crushing process. After that it will be back to the function area of broad hammer. This process is repeated.
From the DSMAC we can see that raw material enters into the rotation plate from the upper side of impact crusher. Raw material hits the broad hammer from the upper side of hammer crusher. Under the function of high speed centrifugal force, raw material is crushed by the fierce collision of broad hammer. After the repeat crushing process, raw material will be crushed to the required size and then discharged out from the discharging port.


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