Cone crusher meet the requirements of more crushing less grinding process

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 29.2014   Views: 264


On the premise of social development and urbanization construction, mining machinery manufacturers produce the equipment at the same time also want to integrate into the new idea of saving energy and reducing consumption, such as mining machinery equipment mill, crusher, sand making machine, fine machine, milling machine and other large industrial equipment to respond to the national saving energy and reducing consumption concept.
According to the principle of crushing and grinding effect shows that strengthening breakage, reducing the grinding particle size as far as possible is the important way to improve the efficiency of grind and reduce the processing cost. The efficiency of mill is only 1%, the efficiency of crusher is up to 10%. And compared with the mill, crusher has many advantages such as low energy consumption, simple operation maintenance so using super fine crushing equipment, realize the "more crushing less grinding" developing trend of grinding engineering field. "More crushing less grinding" is the most important ways of saving energy and reducing consumption that has recognized by the crushing engineering field.
DSMAC’s cone crusher adopts the unique crushing cavity shape and the principle of laminating crushing make the crushing effect between particles, so that it can increase the cube particles in the finished product proportion, reduce the proportion of needle flake stone and the grade is more uniform. These features make the cone crusher in iron ore output fields has more advantages such as more reasonable particle size and higher utilization rate.


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