How to guarantee the service life of wear spare parts

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 29.2014   Views: 264


Crusher is widely used equipment in the mining industry and sand industry. Because it is usually connected with the hardness stone, its wear parts will wear seriously. So how to guarantee the service life of the wear spare parts? 
1. According to the performance of the crushed materials to choose the correct materials of the parts.
The more hardness of the materials leads to the more abrasion to the machine, the slower of the crushing speed and the smaller of the crushing capacity. The hardness of the stone is directly related with the service life of the crusher’s parts, so when we choose the parts should consider the performance of the crushing stone.
2. According to the humidity, viscosity and temperature of the materials to choose the correct crusher.
When the moisture content is larger in the materials, the materials are easier to be attached to the crusher and block in the material conveying process which leads to the decrease of the crushing capacity.
3. According to the requirement of the finished product granularity to choose the correct crusher.
The smaller the finished product granularity, the more wear between the crusher and the materials as well as the wear degree. As a result, the smaller of the products lead to the slower crushing speed which influences the crushing capacity.


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