Impact crusher seeks better development

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 29.2014   Views: 264


With the development of the times and the progress of the society, the consumption concepts of people are changing all the time. The traditional producing pattern of the impact crusher has cannot meet the requirement of the modern people. The main bottleneck problems of the traditional impact crusher production are as follows:
1. The switch time of the products is too long, and the production efficiency is low. The inventory quantity is too big; the demand of the impact crusher is lower. But with the quick development of the mining industries, people has put up the new demand of the impact crusher’s performance and structure, no matter whether the appearance or the performance is changing.  
2. The inventory of the machines is required to promoted, mainly reflects at the customer service, sales service pre-sale and after-sale service aspects. The updated degree and the quality of the impact crusher are promoted, as well as the service of the manufacture factory.  
3. Many elements lead to the small batch and multiple batches problems. Because of the behindhand scientific technology, the single market demand, and the backward management point of view which leads to the low level of automation and unique function of the manufacturing equipment. The inventory of the adjustment to the equipment according to the different products characters and different technology is small.


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