The improvement of the jaw crusher's liner plate

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 29.2014   Views: 264


Liner plate has the effect of prolonging service life in addition to the role of protecting the jaw crusher cavity, more important is because of the difference of its face shape, directly affect the grinding efficiency and ability, the grinding energy consumption and the wastage of the liner, the dynamic distribution of medium. As a result, people are concerned about the wear-resistant materials, structure, loss factor and other aspects. 
In recent 10 years, China and abroad has made great improvement to the development of liner plate. Currently it has three types of materials used in the manufacture of tree board, metal materials, rubber materials and magnetic materials.
Crusher is invented by Hadfield in 1882 which is widely used and adopted the first generation of wear resistant materials. The second generation of wear-resistant material is nickel cast iron began in the 1930s, which has greater abrasive resistance than high manganese steel, however it has great brittleness. The third generation of wear-resisting material is the rise of high chromium cast iron (actinium) in the 1970s; its impact toughness is harder than nickel cast iron, which has high wear resistance.
At the same time, in order to adapt to the working condition of high impact toughness, good wear resistance alloy steel and metal composite materials arises at the historic moment. For more economical to develop and utilize the lean ore of low grade, enlarge the source of mineral raw materials, ore in smelting must separate and enrich, to abandon the majority of gangue, make useful mineral content to suit the requirements of smelting.


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