How to classify the commonly used crusher machine

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 29.2014   Views: 264


Common stone crushers are jaw crusher, impact crusher, single-stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, cone crusher, etc.
Jaw crusher makes use of the two jaw plates to squeezing the materials to achieve the result of coarse crushing and medium crushing. Its crushing structure is made up of the static jaw plate and movable jaw plate, when the two jaw plates get closely, the materials are being crushed; when the two jaw plates get far away, the products will be discharged by the bottom. This kind of crusher is widely used in mining industry, building, silicate and ceramics industry because of the advantages such as simple structure and reliable work.
Cone crusher is only applied in the fine crushing and medium crushing. The demand of the uniformity of particle size in fine and medium crushing is higher than the coarse crushing. So, on the bottom of the crushing cavity should install a parallel area, at the same time, should quicken the turning speed to make the materials be squeezed more than two times in the parallel area.
Hammer crusher takes advantages of the high speed impact effect of the hammer, making the materials to be medium crushed and fine crushed. The materials first be impacted by the high speed hammer, then the smaller products are discharged by the grid plate, and the larger products are impacted by the hammer again until they are smaller than the gap of the grid plate.


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