The application of mobile crusher station in surface mine

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 16.2014   Views: 264


Mobile crusher is used widely in the mining industry now. According to the burial depth, we can be divided it into open-pit and underground mining, and mobile crushing station is mainly used for open pit mines. 
Compared with underground mining, open-pit mining has many advantages, its construction is faster and more efficient work, the cost is low, machinery automation is relatively high, the relative degree of safety is relatively high, and with social progress. Especially with the rapid development of transport equipment, the use of open-pit mining is increasingly wide now, most of our metallurgical and mining are used in open pit mining. So the mobile crushing plant is more and more used in the mining industry. 

Mobile crushing plant is a new rock crushing equipment, which is better used in the field cross-site crushing. DSMAC mobile crushing plant design philosophy is totally on the customer's standpoint, it is to eliminate fragmentation and environmental grounds crushing process for customers as the first obstacle to be solved program design. Mobile stone crusher in the open air mining application is mainly characterized by the following aspects:
1.    Mobile crusher adopted the automatic integration of body, that eliminates the cumbersome installation space components, but also reduces the loss of material and time.
2.    Tactical flexibility is very high and it is a high-performance crusher
3.    It can be used with jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher integrated feeder and shaker.
4.    Vehicle installation support, equipment stationed efficient and convenient venue
5.    Mobile crushing station applications at work not only operate more convenient, and maintenance work in their daily work is very simple. As a result of mechanical maintenance plan is different, when conditions permit, to replace part of the mechanical overhaul. This reduces downtime, improve equipment utilization.
DSMAC developed mobile crushing station for many years, and this will not only meet the needs of the market, also contributing to the country to a great extent. Welcome the new and old customers call advisory DSMAC mobile crushing station.


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