DSMAC new rotor centrifugal impact crusher will create more benefit for sand making industry

Source: DSMAC   By Liu Lerry   Posted: May 15.2014   Views: 264


There had been 1 year since the first German rotor centrifugal impact crusher was imported from German. And it is more and more popular for its high efficiency in the market.

German rotor centrifugal crusher (R series crusher) is suitable for crushing kinds of high abrasive materials (such as: sand gravel, pebble), also the finished sand can be make gravel sand directly. It will not affect the grading curve even in the case of serious wear and tear. As to the use of Rock-on-rock principle, R series crusher capacity can be reach 400T/H with high quality sand.

Compared with the VSI sand making machine, rotor centrifugal crusher have great advantages.
There is no plugging material. And the rotor is belong to detachable part, which reduce the detachable part. While VSI sand maker’s rotor is with flat-wire design, and it must dismantle the whole rotor to maintain, especially can not install the lining late.

R series crusher is no need to add additional configuration of air circulation system, also in the process of grinding, less amount of air is inhaled. And VSI need to configure the air circulation system, also it is not easy to operate and complex.

Especially the the R series crusher also can be used for waste glass recycling, slag treatment, bitumen preparation, fine machining aggregate and so on.

During the crushing process, the rotor centrifugal crusher impact plate can be made of lining plate and sand bed. E ach particle of materials rotate at high speed in the patented double-cavity rotor, and then throw to the fixed impact plate. The large size design of rotor and shell avoid the blockage to a great extent. Select the appropriate revolving speed can influence and even optimize the crushing effect largely.

With the new advanced technology from Germany, the R series crusher is used in more and more manufacture bases and creating more benefit.



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